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Youth Curricula Parent-Adolescent Relationship Education (PARE)

Parent-Adolescent Relationship Education (PARE)

Promoting Family Communication, Preventing Teen Pregnancy and STD

  • Helps families prevent STD and teen pregnancy through an interactive after-school program for youth and their parents
  • Increases family communication and support, and gives youth and parents practice in talking with each other through roleplays;
  • Improves understanding of reproduction, sexual risks, and ways to prevent STD and teen pregnancy
  • Builds active listening, refusal, decision-making and goal-setting skills
  • Engages families while youth are still receptive to parents' influence
  • Comes with Teacher Guide and CD with facilitator pages & student masters
Audience: Middle School

PARE: Parent-Adolescent Relationship Education Basic Set

Set / S197 $229.00

Includes Teacher Guide, CD with facilitator pages and student masters, 50 Puberty Facts pamphlets, and 50 Sexual Respon ...

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