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Youth Curricula Enough Snuff

Enough Snuff

A Guide for Quitting Smokeless Tobacco

  • Leads people through a proven, 4-step process for quitting snuff or chewing tobacco
  • Winner of the Excellence Award from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
  • Designed for high school students and adults
  • Includes pharmacological aids for quitting, such as nicotine replacement and prescription aids
  • Details how to live without chew or snuff
  • Reviews dependence, motivation, withdrawal and recovery
  • Shows those who were unable to quit how to try again
Audience: Adults

Enough Snuff: A Guide for Quitting Smokeless Tobacco

Book / A050 $11.95

Enough Snuff is an award-winning self-help cessation program for users of smokeless tobacco. ...

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Enough Snuff: Quitting Smokeless Tobacco: A Guide for Military Personnel

Book / A047 $11.95

Tailored to and developed with input from military personnel.   ...

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Enough Snuff: Pocket Guide for Quitting Smokeless Tobacco

Pocket Guide / 475-50 $129.99

Sold in sets of 10. Abbreviated version of the Enough Snuff program. ...

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Enough Snuff: A Guide to Quitting Smokeless Tobacco for American Indians

Book / A087 $11.95

Tailored to American Indians with culturally appropriate language and artwork    ...

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