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Youth Curricula Come Out and Play

Come Out and Play

An evidence-based program to encourage youth to be physically active

Come Out and Play (COAP) is a robust 8-week evidence-based curriculum designed for schools, community centers, parks and recreation agencies, and youth groups to create a culture of play using the great outdoors.  COAP is easy and fun to implement—and customizable for your specific community. The program is designed to encourage students to get 60 minutes of aerobic activity every day (9,000 steps) and to set their own daily step goal in personal Activity Records, giving them control over their own physical activity. COAP focuses on youth empowerment, goal setting, motivation and community engagement. 

Though designed to show impact after 8-weeks, COAP can also operate as a continuous program.  With over 50 activities, each with at least 2 modifiers, the program really provides over 100 different activities for youth. 

COAP also offers the instructor the ability to evaluate physical fitness with pre- and post-measurements. You can review this COAP training presentation to get a deeper understanding of what this exciting program has to offer. 

Developed by the Michigan Recreation & Park Association, COAP was designed for youth ages 6-12.  The program has been implemented successfully with youth ages 5-17. As a flexible and modifiable program, COAP is appropriate for a wide range of ages.

Pedometer (Pack of 25)

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Come Out and Play Replacement Pack

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Come Out and Play Starter Set

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