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Youth Curricula B3: Brain, Body, Behavior

B3: Brain, Body, Behavior

B3: Brain, Body, Behavior is a multi-media curriculum that helps students develop their fundamental motor skills.

Do you know kids who fidget, wiggle, or chew their shirts? How about students who are angry, frustrated, irritable, or "shut down" due to academic pressures? Due to the increase of technological recreation and the lack of active play, students may be entering schools with bodies underdeveloped for learning.

By incorporating B3 activities into a classroom, gymnasium, or lab, schools can help students in Grades K–6 develop the fundamental motor skills to spark their brains, build their bodies, and improve their behavior to increase academic performance. Based on brain-body research, B3 physical activities can help enhance cognitive function, mental health, motor-skill development, social-emotional well-being, and common sensory problems.

Developed to be used by professionals and educators who work with children on a daily basis, every B3 task card includes an image and written cues on how to perform the activity. Each card also identifies which sensory system(s) (visual, tactile, proprioceptive, auditory or vestibular) the activity can help develop when performed consistently.

B3 activities are designed to be easily implemented in any classroom, hallway, media center, small tutor room, mobile unit, gymnasium, on a stage, or in a principal’s office. Additionally, many of the B3 activities require little to no equipment.

Testimony - Principal Perspective

Testimony - Teacher Perspective

B3 Brain Body Behavior (Digital) Set (1 Year Subscription)

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B3: Brain Body Behavior (Print) Set

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