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Each year, ETR convenes an invited summit – known as the Kirby Summit – to foster collective dialogue on research, programs, and policies to promote the sexual and reproductive health of young people.

The Kirby Summit is named after Dr. Doug Kirby, a senior research scientist at ETR, whose untimely death in 2012 created a noticeable tear in the fabric of the sex education field.

The Kirby Summit honors Dr. Kirby's insatiable curiosity and love of civil debate. Each convening focuses on how a particular area of emerging or ongoing research can be applied to programs, research and policies that promote the sexual health of young people.

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ETR held its third annual Kirby Summit in March 2018 in Menlo Park, California. The 2018 Kirby Summit brought together researchers and practitioners in the fields of adolescent development, relationships research and sexual health to explore the social and developmental context of adolescent romantic relationships. Previous Summits explored how findings from developmental neuroscience can translate into adolescent health programs and policies. The Kirby Summit was launched in 2016 by ETR and its partners and has been supported with grants and resources from the Packard, Grove and Hewlett Foundations.

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