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What is evidence-based teaching and evidence-based instruction?

ETR offers a number of evidence-based and evidence-informed programs for youth. Evidence-based programs have been scientifically evaluated and demonstrated effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes. Evidence-informed programs have not been the subject of a formal research study, but do incorporate key characteristics research has identified in programs that have been found to be effective in changing health and risk behaviors.

All programs ETR selects to publish:

  • Are based on theoretical approaches demonstrated to be effective in reducing health-related risky behaviors.
  • Target clearly defined health behavior outcomes.
  • Have statistically significant results from a rigorous research study.
  • Use multiple learning activities and strategies.
  • Feature interactive and cooperative learning approaches.
  • Provide training and support for teachers.

The experienced ETR editorial and design staff help make these programs accessible, user-friendly and cost-effective so schools and other agencies can replicate results.

More information about our evidence-based programs can be found at ETR’s Program Success Center website.

Sexual and Reproductive Health - with Training

Training of Educators

  • Training of Educators

    ETR’s virtual Trainings of Educators (TOEs) equip sexual health facilitators with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement specific evidence-based programs with youth.

    Learn More

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Substance Use Prevention

Physical Activity

  • B3: Brain, Body, Behavior

    B3: Brain, Body, Behavior is a multi-media curriculum that helps students develop their fundamental motor skills.

    Age: Elementary School
    Format: Digital and/or Print
    Learn More

    Come Out and Play

    An evidence-based program to encourage youth to be physically active

    Age: Elementary School
    Format: Print
    Learn More

Title IX Essential Lesson Packs

  • Title IX Essential Lessons Packs

    The Title IX Essential Lessons Packs (T9-ELPs) are designed to help K12 districts and schools prevent sexual and gender-based harassment and sexual assault.

    Age: Elementary, Middle, and High School
    Format: Digital
    Learn More

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