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Youth Curricula Making a Difference!

Making a Difference!

An Evidence-Based, Abstinence Approach to Teen Pregnancy and HIV/STD Prevention

Making a Difference! An Evidence-Based, Abstinence Approach to Teen Pregnancy and HIV/STD Prevention, 5th Edition, is an 8-module curriculum that provides young adolescents with the knowledge, confidence, and skills necessary to reduce their risk of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, and pregnancy by abstaining from sex. The program's goal is to empower young adolescents to change their behavior in ways that will reduce their risk of pregnancy, HIV, and other STD infection.

The curriculum emphasizes that young adolescents should postpone sexual activity and that practicing abstinence is the only way to eliminate the risk for pregnancy and STDs, including HIV. The program is also available in an edition adapted for use with high school youth with mild cognitive impairments (MiCI).

This curriculum is available in a Print version or in a Digital version with a subscription term of 1, 2 or 3 years. All versions come bundled with Virtual Training of Educators. See the Training Calendar for available dates.

For more information, please visit the Making a Difference! section of ETR's Program Success Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health for sample lessons, tables of contents, research, adaptation guidelines, details on training, and much more.

Making a Difference! Digital Bundle (3 year)

Product Bundle / A460-3DE $1,549.00

Includes digital Facilitator Curriculum, fillable PDF versions of workbook pages, online access to videos, and tools to help with implementation. ...

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Making a Difference! Training of Educators

Training / A460-T $999.00

ETR’s virtual Training of Educators (TOE) for Making a Difference! equips sexual health facilitators with the knowledge and skills necessary to implem ...

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Making a Difference for Youth with Cognitive Impairments Set

Product Bundle / A463-PE $699.00

This adapted version of the program was designed to serve the special needs of high school students with mild cognitive impairment (MiCI). ...

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Making a Difference! Print Bundle

Product Bundle / A460-23-PE $1,299.00

Includes Facilitator Curriculum, Activity Set (cards, posters, handouts), Curriculum videos and set of 30 workbooks. ...

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