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Youth Curricula Reducing the Risk

Reducing the Risk

Building Skills to Prevent Pregnancy, STI & HIV

Updated for 2021!


Reducing the Risk (RTR) is a 16-session curriculum designed to help high school students delay the initiation of sex or increase the use of protection against pregnancy and STD/HIV if they choose to have sex. This research-proven approach addresses skills such as risk assessment, communication, decision making, planning, refusal strategies and delay tactics.

This curriculum is available in a Print version or in a Digital version with a subscription term of 1, 2 or 3 years. All versions come bundled with Virtual Training of Educators. See the Training Calendar for available dates.

For more information, please visit the Reducing the Risk section of ETR's Program Success Center for a sample lesson, table of contents, research, adaptation guidelines, details about training, and much more.

Reducing the Risk (RTR) Print Bundle

Product Bundle / A290-PE $1,299.00

Includes Teacher's Guide, Activity Kit (cards, posters), a set of 30 workbooks. and tools to help with implementation. ...

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Reducing the Risk Digital Bundle (3 years)

Product Bundle / A290-3DE $1,549.00

Includes digital Teacher's Guide, fillable PDF versions of workbook pages, PDFs of activity kit items, and tools to help with implementation. ...

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Reducing the Risk (RTR) Training of Educators

Training / A290-T $999.00

ETR’s virtual Training of Educators (TOE) for Reducing the Risk equips sexual health facilitators with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement ...

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Understanding Self-Identity

Book / A077 $39.99

Helps schools and communities working with Reducing the Risk deliver a program that is equitable, relevant and inclusive for all students. ...

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