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Our evaluation services support health, human services and education providers as they assess and improve their programs. We build the capacity of our partners to provide effective, cost-efficient and culturally appropriate services within their communities.

Why Partner with ETR?

  • We collaborate! We take a team approach to evaluation planning and delivery. We value relationship building and strive to be a thought partner, engaging our clients in all phases of the evaluation, and building their own internal evaluation capacity as we move through each phase.
  • We’re flexible! We meet our clients where they are. We can work within a range of models and tailor our approach to fit the budget, including providing services to move clients toward readiness if they do not yet have the resources for evaluation.
  • We understand content and theory! Our evaluators work to understand the content area and theory behind the program or project being evaluated and situate the evaluation in the greater field and literature. In addition to our strong methodologists, our staff and consultant pool are extremely well versed in a variety of public health and education content and theories.
  • We are culturally responsive! Our evaluation team includes a range of expertise and perspectives. We value differences and inclusion and strive to ensure that our processes, tools and results never perpetuate biases, and that our evaluations sensitively reflect all relevant cultures.
  • We have the technology! We work within resource constraints to develop or integrate technology for efficiency and quality. Our tech solutions help cut costs, increase ease, decrease burden, improve data monitoring, and increase searchable access to the results.
  • We translate findings into real-world applications! We want to make sure our findings are useful and used. We don’t just collect data or write a dense report, and then leave our clients to make sense of it. We work to provide results in the ways that will best tell your story, highlight successes and identify areas for improvement.

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Best Practices: Focus Groups
Enhance your evaluation efforts with this powerful 18-page guide to best practices for developing and implementing focus groups

Tool to Assess Effective Programs
An organized set of questions designed to help practitioners assess whether programs have incorporated the common characteristic of effective programs identified by Dr. Douglas Kirby and his colleagues.

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