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Get Real High School

Comprehensive Sex Education That Works

Get Real High School is a comprehensive evidence-informed sexuality education curriculum developed by Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts that empowers students in grades 9 and 10 to delay sex and protect themselves from pregnancy and STIs. There is also a 3-year, evidence-based Get Real Middle School curriculum.

 The Get Real program:

  • Emphasizes social and emotional skills as key components of healthy relationships and responsible decision making.
  • Promotes abstinence from sex as the healthiest choice for middle school students and provides a comprehensive understanding of sexual health, sexuality and protection methods.
  • Supports parents and other caring adults as the primary sexuality educators of their children and includes take-home family activities that encourage dialogue between students and the caring adults in their lives.

The high school component can be delivered as a stand-alone curriculum of 11 lessons, but it is most effective as a follow-up to Get Real Middle School.

Get Real also offers scheduled regional training events to help educators replicate and implement Get Real with fidelity. Training includes pre-work in the form of a self-paced, online course (approximately 10 to 12 hours over 3 weeks); two-day, in-person skill-based instruction with a Get Real trainer; technical assistance follow-up sessions; and access to the Get Real Teacher Resource Center.

For more information on Get Real High School including sample lessons and content, table of contents, research, adaptation guidelines, training & TA and much more, please visit the Get Real section of our Program Success Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Get Real High School Basic Set


Includes Teacher's Guide, classroom set of 30 Student Workbooks and Protection Methods Demonstration Kit. ...

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Get Real High School Student Workbook


Sold in sets of 5 and 30. Contains all the required student handouts and family activities. ...

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