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Youth Curricula Get Real High School

Get Real High School

Comprehensive Sex Education That Works (English & Spanish)

Now available in Spanish!

Get Real High School, second edition, is a comprehensive evidence-informed sexuality education curriculum developed by Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts that empowers students in grades 9 and 10 to delay sex and protect themselves from pregnancy and STIs. There is also a 3-year, evidence-based Get Real Middle School curriculum.

The Get Real program:

  • Emphasizes social and emotional skills as key components of healthy relationships and responsible decision making.
  • Promotes abstinence from sex as a safe and healthy choice for high school students and provides a comprehensive understanding of sexual health, sexuality, and protection methods.
  • Supports parents and other caring adults as the primary sexuality educators of their teens with take-home family activities that encourage dialogue between students and the caring adults in their lives.
  • Is developmentally appropriate, inclusive of LGBTQ+ youth, trauma-informed, and aligned to the National Health Education Standards using the CDC's Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool.

The high school component can be delivered as a stand-alone curriculum of 11 lessons, but it is most effective as a follow-up to Get Real Middle School.

Get Real also offers scheduled regional training events to help educators replicate and implement Get Real with fidelity. Training includes pre-work in the form of a self-paced, online course (approximately 10 to 12 hours over 3 weeks); two-day, in-person skill-based instruction with a Get Real trainer; technical assistance follow-up sessions; and access to the Get Real Educator Resource Center.

For more information on Get Real High School including sample lessons and content, table of contents, research, adaptation guidelines, training & TA and much more, please visit the Get Real section of our Program Success Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Get Real High School Second Edition Basic Set

Set / H620 $499.00

Includes Teacher's Guide, 30 Student Workbooks, Activity Kit and Protection Methods Demo Kit. ...

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Get Real High School Second Edition Student Workbook

Book / H625-5 $39.00

Sold in sets of 5 and 30. Contains all the required student handouts and family activities for the High School curriculum. ...

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