Stage Four: Implement

What is this stage?

Execute your plan and continuously improve your program.

How does it influence sustainability?

During the Implementation Stage, the systems you developed kick into action as you respond to challenges and improve program delivery.  

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Great work! You have selected a program that aligns with your community’s needs and created a plan for addressing challenges. Now it's time to do what you set out to do.

A key to successful implementation is continuous quality improvement—using data to improve the quality of implementation. As you execute your plan, be sure to collect, analyze and communicate data to improve the quality of your program. Is the program being implemented with fidelity and in accordance with planned adaptations? Are you collecting evaluation data? Are you providing ongoing professional development and follow-up support to implementers and key stakeholders? Are you implementing your sustainability plan?

Challenges will undoubtedly arise during the implementation period. Planning ahead for these challenges is an essential component of sustainability. Some common challenges include staff turnover, recruitment and retention of participants and managing controversy. While you may not be able to predict everything, you can build in resources for accessing support when you need it.

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