Professional Learning Services

Our goal is to positively influence health outcomes. With science as our foundation, ETR has elevated its design and delivery practices for training, technical assistance and organizational development.

Research in the field of professional development shows that, in order to influence outcomes, there are critical elements that must be in place when designing, delivering and supporting learning processes.

While many training programs offer a traditional one-time only training event, we know from our study of the research that this minimal approach leaves educators unsupported when they go back to their organizations and schools to implement new programs and skills. Our approach is based on the knowledge that adults learn best when engaging in a professional learning process over time; therefore, we use a distributed learning process that leads to sustainable knowledge and skills.

Distributed learning is defined as the distribution of a learning process, over time, in a planned and pedagogically sound manner. This is best accomplished through a dual approach that blends virtual technologies with traditional in-person skill-development strategies.

ETR Distributive Learning Process

The Distributive Learning Process is applied to our interactive, skill-building training and technical support on evidence-based programs.

In addition, ETR offers a number of additional training and technical assistance (TA) opportunities, including organizational development, that support a holistic approach to program implementation. ETR can customize professional development planning to support the capacity for effectively reaching program objectives.

Learn more about creating a successful and sustainable program with our Program Success Framework.

ETR offers a continuum of learning options, including:

  • Information Sessions
    A brief presentation or other instructional activity focusing on a specific program or issue. This type of session is tailored to specific audiences and is intended to increase knowledge on a particular topic.
    Learn more about Program Enrichment Sessions >>
  • Skill-Building—Simple and Complex
    A set of processes and activities intentionally designed to assist targeted groups of participants in mastering a specific skill set. Such events are delivered using a distributive learning process and include research-based components of skill development. The timeframe is dependent on the complexity of the skill set. Learn more about Program Enrichment Sessions >>

    Two common types of Skill-Building Sessions:
    • TOE: Training of Educators is a professional learning process that builds the knowledge and skills required of adult learners to implement a program, curriculum or strategy with fidelity and appropriate adaptations. Learn more about TOEs >>
    • TOT: Training of Trainers is a high-level professional learning process that builds the knowledge and skills required of qualified trainers to provide training and technical assistance/capacity-building assistance to adult learners who intend to implement a program, curriculum or strategy.
      *We are not offering TOTs at this time. Please contact if you have questions.
  • Technical Assistance, Consultation and Coaching
    Tailored guidance to meet the specific needs of a site or sites through collaborative communication between a specialist and the site(s). Assistance takes into account site-specific circumstances and culture and, depending on the complexity of the need, can be delivered during one-time interaction or through a longer-term consultancy.
    Learn more about Technical Assistance, Consultation and Coaching >>

Use our Program Success Planning Tool to assess areas where you might need support.

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