Adaptations Policy

As a nonprofit organization, ETR is proud to be part of a community of health and education professionals throughout the world working to reduce risk and improve the lives of youth. We welcome the health community to utilize the extensive library of science- and evidence-based programs we offer, and to make green-light adaptations as needed to tailor the program to their communities.

Please note that these copyrighted programs are the intellectual property of ETR, and ETR owns the original and derivative (adapted) rights to these programs. Individuals and organizations interested in making more significant adaptations to ETR materials for research or programmatic purposes are strongly encouraged to register their efforts with ETR, so that we can provide support, such as product samples and access to other required components.

ETR does not grant developers of adaptations to our programs the right to disseminate or commercialize this work in any way, or to represent such work as approved by ETR. No dissemination or commercialization may occur without express written consent of ETR. Developers must receive permission from ETR before publishing and/or distributing any adaptations of ETR’s copyrighted materials.

For more information or to contact us about your ETR product adaptations, please submit a private support request. For "Category of Request" at the top of the form, choose "Program Adaptations." In the "Message" box near the bottom, please briefly describe the adaptations you are making, any research study you intend to conduct using the adapted program, and what support you would like from ETR. Click here to go to the form to submit your request.