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for Sexual & Reproductive Health

Training & TA Services

ETR offers science-based training, technical assistance and consultation services to strengthen and support program implementation and sustainability.

These options are designed to support teen pregnancy prevention and other programs in an effort to achieve a more sustainable and holistic program. All of our training and TA designs are based on research and best practice for improving health behavior.

To learn more about ETR’s approach to program impact and sustainability, visit our Program Success Framework and Program Success Planning Tool

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Professional Learning Options & Definitions

Training of Educators (TOE): a professional learning process that builds the knowledge and skills required of adult learners to implement a program, curriculum (EBP), or strategy with fidelity and germane adaptations.

Training of Trainers (TOT): a high level professional learning process that builds the knowledge and skills required of qualified trainers to provide training and technical assistance/capacity building assistance to adult learners who intend to implement a program, curriculum (EBP), or strategy. See our TOT page and FAQ for more information about our TGOTs and who should attend.

TOE or TOT Booster: Critical follow-up sessions intended to assist implementers with identifying and breaking through implementation barriers, strengthening implementation skills, and networking with colleagues through professional learning networks.

Program Enrichment Training: Tailored professional learning processes focused on topical areas found to be of greatest need during the implementation phase and intended to boost and support program success. Enrichment packages include virutal or in-person trainings on enrichment topics specific to your site needs during the implementation phase.

Tailored Technical Assistance (TA)/Consultation: Tailored guidance to meet the specific needs of your site through collaborative communication between an ETR specialist and your site staff. Assistance takes into account site-specific circumstances and culture and, depending on the complexity of the need, can be delivered during a one-time interaction or through a long-term consultancy.