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D4L: Design 4 Learning

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At ETR...Learning Matters!

Start with ETR's Vision

"ETR envisions a world where people have the information, skills and opportunities to lead healthy lives."

Consider the Science

Achieving this vision requires teaching and learning. Therefore, our success depends on 1) knowing how people learn, and 2) implementing the aligned research and best practices for engaging and motivating learners—through Education, Training and Research. ETR uses science to strategically design and deliver learning processes to elevate:


Best practices for increasing awareness and knowledge;


Best practices for skill development and implementation; and


Best practices for impacting systems of power, and, at the individual level, strengthening personal agency and growth mindset


The Result:
The ETR's Design 4 Learning (D4L) Approach

ETR D4L is a research-driven initiative created to rethink and transform teaching and learning practices in order to reach desired outcomes and realize health equity. D4L provides a strategic, neuroscience-based, and tailored approach to designing and delivering learning experiences for individuals, groups, teams, and organizations. The D4L approach includes, at its core, the use of a distributed learning process that involves a series of learning touchpoints 1) priming (the pre-event connections); 2) provision of an online, in-person, or blended “event;” and 3) support for actualizing the learning after the event(s). This approach includes proven strategies that engage learners, respect differences, generate actionable insights, build relevant skills, boost implementation, and measure outcomes. Through strategic design, learning outcomes can be achieved!

Learning Touchpoints: graphic showing progression from Priming to Learning Event to Actualize with support acheiving Desired Change

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