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ETR has been at the forefront of developing, implementing, evaluating and disseminating science-based health promotion programs and interventions for youth and adult populations since 1981. From its beginning, ETR’s mission has included the prevention of high-risk sexual behaviors and their harmful outcomes—unintended pregnancy and STI/HIV.

ETR has become a nationally recognized leader in the development and rigorous evaluation of effective sexual health programs for school-based youth, as well as youth at disproportionate risk (YDR), and has conducted over a dozen randomized controlled trials of STI/HIV and teen pregnancy prevention programs.

One of ETR’s strengths as an agency is its multiple capacities. In addition to our expertise in program development and research, ETR specializes in developing and delivering skills-based training and guiding agencies on adapting evidence-based pregnancy and STI/HIV programs. ETR’s first funded training project was from the California OFP in 1981. Its goal was to build the capacity of community-based organizations (CBOs) and schools across the state to reduce sexual risk-taking among youth by providing training and technical assistance to these organizations. ETR has continued this training and technical assistance work with an increasing focus on the selection and adaptation of evidence-based programming, the essential skills needed to facilitate these programs with reasonable fidelity, and continuous quality improvement evaluation.

ETR’s publishing unit develops and delivers print and digital products that empower health and education professionals to build skills, change behaviors and improve outcomes. Our products include books, pamphlets, pocket guides, e-books, DVDs and PowerPoints that have won National Health Information, Web Health and Health Literacy awards, and have been recognized by the CDC, SAMHSA and the U.S. Department of Education.

ETR has a simple, reasoned strategy for ensuring teens and adults have access to the highest-quality prevention information and interventions: promote what works, what’s culturally appropriate, and what’s informed by science. Our award-winning materials are used in health care settings and schools around the world. We’ve given millions of people the facts about STD, birth control and other reproductive health issues. And we continue to develop, test and disseminate new interventions that respond to the risks adolescents and adults face today.

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