Stage Three: Develop

What is this stage?

Develop systems to support all aspects of program implementation.

How does it influence sustainability?

During the Develop Stage, systems are put in place that build supports for program success by preventing and overcoming challenges that threaten sustainability. 

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Successful programs will have viable systems in place for program implementation, professional development, evaluation and sustainability that guide and support implementation and sustainability. A strong systemic approach ensures that key policies and practices become integrated into standard operations and that you are ready to address any unexpected challenges during implementation and beyond.

This stage includes the establishment of written policies, guidelines or plans for the following systems:

  • Program Implementation—frequency of program, specific locations of implementation, parental consent or notification, guest speakers or implementers from external organizations, content according to policy.
  • Professional Development (PD) of Implementers and Stakeholders—PD infrastructure (including recruitment/development or hiring of qualified PD providers and scalability plan), design, delivery, marketing, follow-up support and PD evaluation.
  • Sustainability—communication plan, organizational assessment and development, internal and external partnership development, and diversified funding mechanisms.
  • Evaluation—evaluation questions, data collection methods, data management system, process and impact evaluation, fidelity monitoring, continuous quality improvement and dissemination.

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