Stage Five: Thrive

What is this stage?

Your program is a success and an integral part of your community. Now it’s time to scale!

How does it influence sustainability?

Once you’ve reached the Thrive stage, the ongoing process is to scale your program—adapting to the changing environment, communicating your successes, and engaging new and established stakeholders for continued support.

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Your program is thriving when you demonstrate the intended impact in your community and you have strong systems and committed champions supporting your program.

When you reach this stage, your program is able to efficiently adapt to any arising organizational or environmental challenges as well as changes in community needs.  

The Thrive Stage may seem like the ultimate goal but now is time to start thinking about how to scale your program for a larger reach and bigger impact. This means continuously engaging key stakeholders and champions to build a stronger support network and more diversified funding sources. Continue to regularly communicate your successes. You may decide to increase program impact by supplementing or adding new components.

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