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for Sexual & Reproductive Health

2020 Teen Pregnancy Prevention FOA

New Guidelines for Eligible Programs

The current FOA provides new guidelines for eligible programs and require applicants to submit documentation that demonstrates these criteria have been met. Specifically, the FOA indicates that programs must meet the following criteria (FOA page 16):

  • The program model has been proven effective through rigorous experimental or quasi-experimental evaluation study [definition on pages 14-15] to reduce teenage pregnancy, behavioral risk factors underlying teenage pregnancy, or associated risks;
  • Rigorous evaluation of the program model demonstrates at least one statistically significant positive outcome on a relevant behavioral outcome, and no statistically significant negative outcomes, from a study (or studies) that meets the definition of rigorous evaluation;
  • The research has been published in a peer reviewed medium such as an academic journal, published Federal Government report, published evidence review clearinghouse, or a National Institutes of Medicine report;
  • The research was conducted by an independent evaluator who was/is neither part of the publishing team, nor an author of the curriculum; and
  • Research report must be no older than twenty years.

As a result of these criteria, our understanding is that ETR distributes three eligible programs:

We are seeking further clarification on the eligibility of some of the other programs that ETR distributes. Please check back here soon.

Contact Matt McDowell, Director of Product Partnerships and Dissemination, at with any questions.