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Celebrate Pi Day! Celebrate Science!

Celebrate Pi Day! Celebrate Science!

By ETR | March 14, 2018

Happy Pi Day! It’s March 14, the day when science geeks the world over revel in the stark beauty of mathematics. Pi is both one-of-a-kind (no other number like it) and part of the crowd (a member of the tribe of mathematical constants). It is irrational and transcendental. It is infinite in nature.

Pi Day resonates for ETRians. We are also one-of-a-kind—there’s no other organization quite like us. And we are part of the crowd—that dedicated group of individuals and organizations using science to create a healthier, more equitable world. As individuals, we acknowledge we can occasionally be irrational (some of us, anyway), and there are also those among us who sometimes achieve transcendence.

A Beautiful Day to Celebrate Science

Most of all, we think Pi Day is a great opportunity to remark upon our love of science. Here are some of the reasons people at ETR celebrate science.

  • Science opens up our minds, hearts and spirits to the mysteries of the Universe.

Suzanne Schrag, Editor/Product Manager


  • Science keeps us healthy.

Nancy Gonzalez-Caro, Regional Account Manager


  • Science holds the key to so many of our questions and struggles as a society.  Science can help us understand everything, including how to communicate effectively with our children, eat healthy, avoid illness, heal from trauma, build stronger communities, be better educators, address climate change, and pretty much anything else you can think of!

Liz McDade-Montez, Senior Research Associate


  • I celebrate the ways we can promote health equity and social justice with scientific evidence!

Mariah Santiago, Research Associate


  • I celebrate science because scientific improvements have dramatically changed the ways we live, learn and play, and will continue to do so.  

Susana Tat, Project Coordinator


  • Science is about freezing the beauty we see in everyday things; listening with our hearts, then turning that into a mental picture and sharing it with the rest of the world!

Seow Ling Ong, Research Associate


  • I love pie. I also love “Pi”. Pi is a constant number, meaning that for all circles of any size, Pi will be the same. That’s amazing to me. The fact that the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter is the same for a penny as it is for say…a ferris wheel? That blows my mind. What????!!!!

Science is miraculous. As a science-based organization, we witness the miracles of science every day. So we sort of celebrate Pi Day every day. We try not to eat pie every day, because we are also a health organization. But by all means, have a slice (if it suits your fancy and your eating habits), and celebrate science with us today and every day!

Vignetta Charles, CEO


  • I celebrate science because it gives people purpose outside of family, religion, and politics. It helps us find a way to reason with the world in a tangible here-and-now sense. Science answers questions; we gain knowledge even when experiments or studies fail to provide intended results.

Julie Fasolas, Administrative Specialist


  • Science is challenging, and collaborative, and it has the intention to help improve lives.

Josie Bruce, Research Assistant


  • Science and scientific method drive us to understanding what is true—it’s a way of knowing. Historically, it has dispelled myths (for example: the earth being round versus flat!). It has also changed—or at least forced—the dialog in understanding racial and gender inequities which are driven by the complex nature of human interactions. I celebrate science because it pushes me to be more authentic, allows me space to question and learn and grow, and moves me to use what I learn in service to others.
    One of my favorite quotes is by Dr. Albert Schweitzer: “I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.” 
I believe that science, and the pursuit of knowledge, is about service. 
Ifeoma Udoh, Senior Research Associate
  • I celebrate science by cooking with my kids.  We love to see how different ingredients make a gluten free cake more moist or more dense.  My daughter was recently diagnosed with celiac disease, and we are experimenting like crazy with new recipes!  Science will help my girl stay healthy.

Narda Skov, Project Coordinator


  • Science helps us discover new truths about the world.

Beverly Iniguez-Conrique, Research Assistant


  • We need it. Science is under attack and celebrating helps us remember why we need to protect it.

Katie Spencer, Research Assistant


  • Science is the best method we have so far for figuring out what is going on here!

Charlene Foster, Senior Graphic Designer


  • Science makes me smarter!

John Henry Ledwith, National Sales Manager


  • Science lets us know what ideas we can trust.

Heather Franks, Research Associate


  • I love to celebrate science. It is a never-ending puzzle that you continue to solve, it gives you endless options, and it is always exciting.

Jennifer Geisler, Community Outreach Coordinator


  • I celebrate science because it offers us a logical explanation for the mysteries of the world. Science helps us learn and grow as individuals and advance as a human race. Science is the best tool we have for reaching a brighter, more promising tomorrow!

Sarah Axelson, Director of Training


  • I celebrate pie. Let’s eat!

Lisa Edelman, Customer Service Sales Representative


Why do you celebrate science? We’d love to hear why pi and science (and pie, if you’d like) hold a special place in your own heart.

Happy Pi Day to all!

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