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1. Service: Sharing Back, Learning Forward

By Lilly Thomas | January 4, 2019
Customer Service/Sales, ETR

I have the brain of a sociologist. I’m interested in other people, in their day-to-day lives. I’m curious about how people live in different parts of the country—how they talk, what they eat, how they connect with one another.

I got my college degree in urban planning, which I call “sociology with solutions.” 

Tags: Service, Customer service, ETR products

2. Making Value Visible By Building Resources That Work

By Matt McDowell | November 1, 2018
Director of Product Development and Dissemination, ETR

I often refer to myself as “the mere mortal” here at ETR. We have big idea people. We have super creative people. We have nationally and internationally recognized research people.

Me? My job is to help put the work of all those folks into practice—and into your practice when it fits.

Tags: Science, ETR products
By Matt McDowell

3. Don't Be Tricked by These Treats: Make Smart Choices About Edible Marijuana

By Laura Perkins, MLS | October 25, 2018
Editor, ETR

With cannabis legalized for recreational use in some places, people have questions about all the new products available, especially edibles. If marijuana is legal, it’s safe to use, right? How much of an edible can you eat? ETR has new materials to help people understand how to make smarter decisions. See our fact card here, and our poster here.

Tags: ATOD, Marijuana, ETR products
By Laura Perkins, MLS

4. Sometimes, Size Matters: ETR's New Big Banner Stands

By Laura Perkins, MLS | December 14, 2017
Project Editor, ETR

We live in an age of distractions—distracted eating, distracted driving, distracted walking.

So, health educators. How do you get your message across to your distracted clients? ETR is excited to introduce a new line of products designed to grab attention and spark curiosity.

Tags: Health fairs, ETR products
By Laura Perkins, MLS

5. Sexual Harassment: The Water Cooler Conversation

By Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES | November 30, 2017
Senior Editor, ETR

Okay. It didn't happen at the water cooler. It was at an intersection of three cubicles—just a coincidental collection of colleagues crossing one another’s paths. We were talking about topics many of you have also been discussing with workmates, family and friends over the past several weeks—the instances of sexual harassment and assault that have been before the public eye.

Whom do we believe? What should be done? What can we do in our lives and our work to bring this kind of violence to an end?

Tags: Affirmative consent, ETR products, Sexual assault prevention, Sexual harassment

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