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1. ConDEMO? How the Heck Did You Come Up with That?

By Regina Firpo-Triplett, MPH, CNC, MCHES | September 21, 2017
Chief Executive Officer, dfusion

Back in the 1980’s, I worked in Los Angeles County providing sexual health education (called “family life education” at that time). Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” and George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex” played constantly on the radio, and HIV was a new and frightening sexually transmitted infection that was drastically changing how and where sexuality education was offered. 

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2. Fun! Brilliant! New Condom Kit Covers

By Laura Perkins, MLS | February 15, 2017
Project Editor, ETR

Safer sex can be fun, right? And with a little imagination and humor, talking about safer sex can be fun too, right?! Well, yes. Yes! YES!

ETR's safer sex condom kits are especially popular when we travel to conferences. And we know the kits are popular at health fairs, college orientations, and public health events. That's why we're excited to introduce 3 new designs. They're colorful and fun and guaranteed to attract attention. And hopefully spark conversation.

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By Laura Perkins, MLS

3. Wow! New “Female” Condom Holders

By ETR | January 17, 2017

ETR’s condom holders have consistently been one of our most popular products. They have colorful designs on the outside and instructions for condom use on the inside. We’ve just introduced a new one designed to hold an internal or “female” condom.

That’s a WOW indeed! 

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4. Condoms Get Just a Little More Cool

By ETR | July 23, 2015

We’re excited to introduce three new designs in our popular condom holder series. If you distribute condoms through your clinic or program, you can now wrap them up in a packet that promotes a great health message.

They make it clear that affirmative consent—yes means yes—is sexy!


They promote three smart steps to fabulous, safe sex: communication (check), consent (check), and condom (check).




And they encourage condom users to carry those jimmy hats with pride!

Tags: Condoms, Safer sex, New products

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