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Thanks, Teachers!

Thanks, Teachers!

By ETR | May 2, 2017

Are you thanking a teacher today? We are. It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Of course, we thank teachers regularly, even when it isn’t a special time of recognition.

Here at ETR, pretty much everyone on the team can name a teacher who had a meaningful impact on their lives. Most of us would name many.

A lot of our research projects and trainings involve work with teachers. Teachers invite us into their classrooms and participate in our studies. They give us feedback on our materials so we can offer the best content possible. They join with enthusiasm in our professional development events to learn more about the art of delivering evidence-based curricula.

It’s a good week to share back with teachers. Here are some of our best posts over the past couple of years that share our admiration, offer tips and guidance, and aim to support teachers in keeping students engaged and healthy. Enjoy!

You Inspire Us!

  • Researcher Emily Green spent time as a teacher, and it made her a better researcher. Read more here.
  • John Henry Ledwith, our National Sales Manager, thanks teachers for helping his sons become the fine young men they are. Read more here.

You Are Taking Steps to Make a Difference

  • Researcher Pamela Anderson offers tips for talking to students about electronic dating violence. Read more here.
  • Want to get your students more engaged in physical activity? Kymm Ballard has some ideas. Read more here.
  • Is stigma a problem for teen parents and pregnant teens? Yes. Brittany Chambers explains why this is so and describes steps you can take to change that. Read more here.
  • Are hookahs cool? Not really. But many young people think they are. Narinder Dhaliwal gives us a bit more of the picture, along with tips to change the story. Read more here.
  • It’s vital we include LGBTQ youth in our sexual and reproductive health programs. Cassidey Streber offers some strategies. Read more here.

These Practical Backgrounders Can Assist in Your Planning

  • How can teachers use the 15 Characteristics of Effective Health Education in a realistic way in their classrooms? Susan Telljohann’s got this one down. Read more here.
  • Working in the world of computer science and STEM learning? Take a look at ETR’s tip sheets for increasing diversity in IT. Read more here.

Welcome and Thank You!

  • There is nothing quite like a successful collaboration with a school system that is truly committed to student wellbeing and success. Researcher John Shields describe some of our outstanding partnerships here.
  • You make a great collaborator in research. Researcher Shannon Campe gives a shout out to teachers who’ve joined in past research projects and explains why you might want to sign up yourself next time you have a chance. Read more here.


Thanks, teachers, for all you’ve done and continue to do. 

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