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Teaching Safer Sex 3rd Edition

The third edition of Teaching Safer Sex is the winner of the 2013 AASECT Book Award given by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.

With 50 lessons in two volumes, Teaching Safer Sex helps participants explore the many facets of safer sex and sexually transmitted infections in order to support the health and well-being of themselves, their family, and society at large. After participating in these lessons, participants will be able to:

  • Explain that the option not to engage in sexual behavior is a basic human right which an individual should be able to assert at any time in a relationship.
  • Describe the possible consequences of sexual intimacy, particularly when it involves vaginal, oral or anal intercourse, and describe the actions one can take to reduce the risk of unwanted consequences.
  • Express comfort, knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to practice safer sex if they decide to have intercourse.
  • Assess the risks involved in their own sexual behavior and set goals to make safer sex an integral part of their sexual lives.
  • Develop the capacity to work cooperatively with a partner to assume mutual responsibility for safer sex.
  • Speak up for actions that help protect the sexual health and well-being of others.  

Read what others are saying about Teaching Safer Sex.  Order yours today!

“Teaching Safer Sex is a welcome collection of lessons that skillfully combine the fundamentals of safer sex education with the bold inclusion of relevant, timely, nuanced topics not found in existing teaching and learning materials."

Maria Bakaroudis, MA, CSE, PhD (c)
International Sexuality Educator &
United Nations Consultant

“The third edition of Teaching Safer Sex hits it out of the park! Or, perhaps better said, it nourishes everyone! Educators hungry for fresh facts and facilitation techniques will find it all here. And learners hungry for creative, energetic activities won’t be disappointed. Teaching Safer Sex reminds us that our most important sexual organ is…the brain!”

Kurt Conklin, MPH, MCHES
Director of Programs
Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS)

“Teaching Safer Sex is a valuable new resource for sexuality educators that are seeking dynamic, interactive lessons on cutting edge topics. The third edition includes tools for addressing online behavior, texting, and use of other digital media which are critical for today’s youth and missing from many curricula."

Leslie M. Kantor, MPH
Vice President of Education
Planned Parenthood Federation of America

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