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Sex Ed In the Digital Age, Vol. 1 & 2

Teenagers, Technology and Sex

Sex Ed in the Digital Age was two years in the making.  The initial impetus for this project began with an observation that will not come as a surprise to those of us who work in the field of sex education—-teenagers are as interested in technology as they are in sex.  By linking the two, it then becomes possible to tap into an integral part of the adolescent experience.  The opportunity to work with young people and explore subject matter that reaches into the core of their development is an exciting prospect for educators.

Today’s adolescents have unprecedented access to sexual information.  This is a profound change for this generation of teenagers.  On their own, without having to wait for parents to purchase books or schools to offer programs, they are bringing their sex-related questions, concerns, interests, and hormone-driven needs into the technological arena.  Modern technology has undone centuries of secrecy surrounding sex.  Now it is up to the parents and educators who care about fostering healthy sexual development to bring clarity and purpose to the technological advancements.

Sex Ed in the Digital Age includes structured lesson plans designed to equip educators and parents with skills that are necessary for meeting the challenges of the digital age.   The principle objectives of the lesson plans are to help teens become more discriminating about electronic use; to know how to locate accurate information; and to better understand the impact that electronic communications have on oneself and others.

Contents of this exciting program for addressing modern challenges in teaching sexuality education include:

Principles for sex education
Creating a supportive environment for learning about sexual health
How to use Sex Ed in the Digital Age
How to use role-play
Resources section

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Volume 1

Section 1: Getting Started: Introducing Teens to Sex Education in the Digital Age
Linking Sex And Technology
Mindfulness Matters: Acting Purposefully In A Digital World
Digital Footprints
Passive Media Vs. Social Media
Sexuality And Social Networking: What’s The Connection?

Section 2: Staying Healthy: Using Technology To Access Information
Raising Questions, Finding Answers
Wiki Sex Ed
The Resource Adventure: Navigating Your Way Through The World Wide Web
Sex Ed, Siriously
Youtube And You

Section 3: For Better Or Worse? How Technology Affects Relationships
Relating: Online Vs. In-Person
Telling The Whole Story: What Social Networking Pictures Often Leave Out
As Seen On TV: Using Famous Couples To Evaluate Relationships
Behind The Music: Music Literacy And Healthy Relationships
Staying Cool Under (Peer) Pressure: Using Digital Education Tools To Model Assertive Communication Skills

Volume 2

Section 4: Creating Safe, Inclusive Programs
Googling Human Rights
E-Flirting: Looking At Gender, Sexual Orientation, Risk, And More
Engaging Generation Z In Peer-Driven Advocacy: Promoting An Inclusive School Environment For LGBTQ Youth Through Project-Based Learning
Rallying Against Bullying

Section 5: Privacy, Consent, And Safety
If It’s Private, Don’t Post It
You Can’t Get It Back
Text Then Sext…What Happens Next?
What Was I Thinking?
Safer Cyber Sex: Exploring Online Relationships

Section 6: Critical Decision-Making In A Changing World
Porn, Porn, Everywhere! A Values Clarification Lesson Plan For Young Adults Ages 18+
Online Pornography In The Digital Age
What Was I Thinking?
Decisions About Sexting

Section 7: Preparing Sex Educators and Parents for the Digital Age
Technology And Teenage Sexuality: A Lesson For Parents
Helping Teens Act Purposefully In A Digital World: A Lesson For Parents And Professionals
A 21st Century Conversation Guide To Teenage Sexuality And Technology: A Lesson For Adults

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