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Puberty: The Wonder Years--Grade 4

Audience: Health Educators
Format: Book
Language: English

Puberty: The Wonder Years--Grade 4; I Wonder How Things Work

Puberty: The Wonder Years is a 3-year curriculum for children in grades 4, 5 and 6 that helps to facilitate a partnership among families, educators and community. This curriculum:

  • Engages educators and families as partners
  • Provides children and their families with resources and information
  • Teaches children the skills they need to choose healthy behaviors

I Wonder How Things Work is the introductory level of the curriculum. It begins by reminding students how much they have grown and changed since they were born, and how much more growing and changing lies ahead.

Students identify the social, emotional and physical changes that occur during puberty and how individuals develop at different rates. The reproductive system is introduced. The emphasis is on communication with parents and other trusted adults about puberty.

Each grade-level curriculum guide includes a teacher's manual with lesson plans. The teacher receives exclusive access to copyrighted online teacher resources that include reproducible classroom materials, evaluation rubrics, family communication resources and teacher background information.


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