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IN·clued Health Center Workshop

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IN·clued: Inclusive Healthcare – Youth & Providers Empowered

IN·clued: Inclusive Healthcare – Youth & Providers Empowered is an LGBTQ-centered program that addresses the sexual health disparities affecting LGBTQ youth across the United States.

The 3-hour interactive workshop for health center staff and providers focuses on building skills to create more inclusive healthcare practices when working with LGBTQ youth. This workshop is taught by both an adult facilitator and youth peer educators and includes topics such as:

  • Best practices for working with LGBTQ youth
  • Recommendations for an LGBTQ-friendly health center environment
  • Strategies to engage LGBTQ patients in the exam room so they feel safe, comfortable, and open to sharing sexual health behaviors.

This training will help staff feel more comfortable and confident providing care to LGBTQ patients, and better prepared to address LGBTQ youth issues effectively.

Set Includes:

  • Facilitator curriculum
  • Workshop materials (Q-cards ©, "We're Clued In" stickers, and more)
  • Peer educator training materials
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IN·clued Health Center Workshop includes:

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