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HealthSmart Middle School: Tobacco, Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention Set

Audience: Middle School
Format: Set
Language: English

HealthSmart Middle School: Tobacco, Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention is part of ETR's comprehensive K-12 health education program that focuses on the essential concepts and skills students need to know and practice to adopt healthy behaviors. HealthSmart meets the National Health Education Standards (NHES), aligns to the CDC's Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT), and focuses on the key areas of risk that confront children and youth today as identified by the CDC's National Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS). The program also draws on the cultural strengths of students and their families to support healthy behaviors and establish healthy social norms and expectations. HealthSmart Middle School: Tobacco, Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention lessons and activities are tailored to the developmental capabilities of middle school students.

This unit offers nineteen 45- to 60-minute lessons covering the following topics: Teens & Drugs: What's the Truth?; Alcohol: What's the Truth?; Tobacco: What's the Truth?; Marijuana: What's the Truth?; Medicines: What's the Truth?; Experimentation & Addiction: What's the Truth?; Consequences of Drug Use: How Bad Could It Be?; Influences on My Choices About Drugs; Self-Talk for Being Drug Free; My Peers & Their Feelings About Drugs; Family, School & Community Rules About Drugs; Tobacco Companies: Are They Targeting Youth?; Tobacco and Alcohol Ads: What They're Really Saying; Tobacco & Alcohol Counter-Advertisements; Peer Pressure: Read Between the Lines; Peer Pressure: Ways to Say NO; Peer Pressure: Saying NO to Drugs; Roleplay Practice: Resisting Drug Pressure; Drug-Free Pledges: Support for Myself & Others.

The program includes:

  • Teacher's Guide (190 pages) that contains the easy-to teach lessons, with clear objectives, teaching steps and assessment.
  • Classroom set of 30 Student Workbooks (32 pages) that include all student reading and activity sheets.
  • Digital resources that include teacher keys and masters, PowerPoint slides, Student Journal pages, scoring rubrics and a health terms glossary.

When you purchase HealthSmart you also have access to the HealthSmart Teacher Support Website that features a wealth of free digital resources, including an online Lesson Planning Tool that gives you the power to quickly customize a HealthSmart lesson plan. Additional information on HealthSmart is available on the HealthSmart website.

Product Set: English
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HealthSmart Middle School: Tobacco, Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention Set includes:

Also Includes:

  • 1 - HealthSmart Middle School: Tobacco, Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention Teacher Guide
  • 1 - HSMART MS Tobacco, Alcohol & Other Drugs Flash Drive
  • 1 - HealthSmart Teacher Guide Box

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