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Beyond the Blues: A Workbook to Help Teens

NOTE: This is the Professional version of the book. It comes with a CD that allows professionals to print out exercises, worksheets, etc. The CD, which is bound into the back of the book, is an exact copy of the book content.

Many people experience depression at one time or another in their lives, but during the adolescent years, the vast number of physical, emotional, and mental changes that occur make teens even more susceptible to feelings of confusion or sadness. However teens' depression originates, they must to learn to handle it so that they can manage the stresses of daily life.

The activities in Beyond the Blues can help young people cope with sad and difficult feelings, find new ways to make friends, and deal with conflicts. Little by little and on their own schedule, they can make small changes in their life that will lead to a brighter, more enjoyable future. Since everyone is different and heals in slightly different ways, this book presents a wide variety of exercises.

As they work through this book, teens can take comfort in knowing that they will doing something good for themselves. They will be learning to cope with their feelings and take care of themselves in a healthy way. They can learn to manage depression just like they learned to tie their shoes or read and write. This workbook offers things teens can do, both on their own and with a counselor, to start feeling more like themselves again.

This book is from New Harbinger Publications, which for 40 years has brought readers effective, scientifically sound self-help books that deal with a range of topics in psychology, health and personal growth. All of New Harbinger’s books are grounded in science, careful research, and a tradition of empirically validated clinical practice.

184 pages

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