Kirby Summer Internship

The annual Kirby Summer Internship is open to graduate students in education, psychology, sociology, public health, epidemiology or a related field with a focus or interest in sexual and reproductive health.

The 2018 Kirby Internship application period has closed.

The late Dr. Douglas Kirby, a senior research scientist at ETR, dedicated his career to promoting sexual and reproductive health among young people through writing, teaching and research. The internship provides mentored work in research syntheses, prevention programs, implementation science, online learning or research methodology (e.g., measurement and analysis) at ETR’s corporate office in Scotts Valley, California, or ETR’s Oakland office.

The Kirby intern:

  • Receives a stipend for travel and/or living expenses.
  • Gains skills in applied research within sexual and reproductive health.
  • Participates in the paper-writing process and serves as a co-author on one publication.
  • Practices oral presentation skills.
  • Takes part in collegial interactions in a multi-disciplinary environment.
  • Receives a certificate at the close of the completed internship.

2016 Kirby Summer Interns

Melissa Donze

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by Melissa

Emily Waterman

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by Emily

2105 Kirby Summer Interns

Monica Sun

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by Monica

William Spatafora

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by Will

2014 Kirby Summer Interns

Brittany Chambers

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with Brittany C.

Brittany Nielsen

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with Brittany N.

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