K–12 Health Education That Works!

How HealthSmart Supports Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Health education is a natural fit for Social and Emotional Learning. HealthSmart addresses the core SEL competencies for curriculum and instruction outlined by the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL).

  • Self-awareness is built as students explore their current health beliefs, values and attitudes, and assess their current health behaviors to identify strengths and challenges. Lessons support a growth mindset by providing numerous opportunities for students to improve their skills through practice, feedback and support.
  • Self-management is supported by lessons that help students manage stress, control impulses, and set and achieve health goals.
  • Social awareness is enhanced by activities that promote respect and empathy for others, and encourage students to share their perspectives on a variety of health issues and listen to the perspectives of others.
  • Relationship skills are strengthened by skill-building activities that focus on clear and effective communication, refusal and negotiation skills, conflict resolution, and getting help for health issues and problems.
  • Responsible decision making is reinforced as students learn and practice specific steps and strategies for making safe and healthy decisions across a variety of health content areas.

The Emotional & Mental Health units at Middle and High School cover all of these SEL competencies:

SEL skills are also reinforced across the other content areas. See the full lesson alignment for each grade level:

Lesson examples from Grades K–5: