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K–12 Health Education That Works!


The goal of HealthSmart is to promote the healthy growth and development of youth and give them the knowledge and skills to make healthy choices and establish life-long healthy behaviors.

In the same way the HealthSmart program is grounded in research and best practices, ETR provides a research-based approach to our professional learning processes. This includes the provision of pre-work (to prime participants so they have the background and content information needed to fully engage in the work), skill building, and follow-up implementation support.

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ETR offers a variety of training options for HealthSmart users:

HealthSmart 101

  • For new implementers, we offer a Self-Paced Online Orientation to familiarize educators with the HealthSmart platform and research base. Educators with a HealthSmart account can complete the self-paced orientation to learn the basics and become more familiar with the program. (You must be logged into your HealthSmart subscription to access the Online Orientation.)

  • For a more in-depth look at HealthSmart, we can provide a 1.5 to 3-hour live virtual training for educators, including a curriculum demonstration and other tools and tips for using HealthSmart.
  • Looking for an in-person option? We can provide a 1- or 2-day in-person training that includes all of the information in the virtual orientation, as well as a deeper dive into HealthSmart content and tailored opportunities for skills practice.

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HealthSmart 201

  • For seasoned implementers or those looking for additional training, we provide a variety of topical trainings aligned to each of the content areas in HealthSmart, as well as several overarching skill-building training areas. Each training is 90 minutes and trainings can be combined to create a virtual professional development experience.  
  • Looking for in-person professional development? We can tailor 1- or 2-day in-person professional development sessions you’re your educators using a combination of the topics available below, plus additional time for skill practice.

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Topics and Sessions for Virtual Trainings



Supercharging / Engaging Students

Classroom Management

Answering Sensitive Questions

Trauma-Informed Health Education

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

Teaching About Substances

Substance Use Disorder 101

Using Roleplay Effectively

Values About Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

Mental Health

Social-Emotional Learning


Sexual Abuse

LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Nutrition and Physical Activity

Body Image

Disability Inclusivity in PE

Media Literacy

Food: What's Shame Got to Do with It?

Sexual Health

Reproductive Anatomy

Teaching About Contraception

Teaching About STIs

Sexual Values

Violence and Injury Prevention

Bystander Intervention

Teaching About Violence

Talking About Race


Upon request, ETR can also build customized professional learning experiences for in-person training. Contact your Regional Account Manager for more information.