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Supplemental Materials

Make sure your Print Edition HealthSmart program has the latest updates. Just click on the links below and print out the pages you need. It’s quick, easy and free!

Gender-Neutral Anatomy Lesson for Grade 5

An alternate lesson for teaching reproductive anatomy is now available for Grade 5. The third edition of HealthSmart Middle School takes this approach, and we wanted to make this option available for Grade 5 educators as well.

The lesson can be found in the Grade 5 Lessons list. It can be used in place of Lessons 34 and 35. Digital edition users can access the full lesson, and Print edition users can log in to download a copy from the Teacher Resources box at the following link: Grade 5 Alternate Lesson 34-35: Understanding a Growing Body.

Read more about the rationale for gender-neutral puberty education in this guide from Gender Spectrum: Principles for Gender Inclusive Puberty and Health Education

Latest YRBSS Data

CDC LogoThe Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) monitors six types of health-risk behaviors that contribute to the leading causes of death and disability among youth and adults. HealthSmart addresses these risk behaviors as part of its skills-based health curriculum. Additionally, individual lessons make use of YRBSS data to both highlight healthy norms and to underscore the real risk from unhealthy behaviors.

For an overview of the latest survey results or to download the complete report visit YRBSS  >>

Featured Articles

Learn more about the HealthSmart approach. Theses articles include HealthSmart developer Dr. Susan Telljohann's advice on applying characteristics of effective programs in the classroom and choosing a health education curriculum, as well as detailed infomation about how the program teaches concepts and skills, supports social and emotional learning, and helps advance health equity. Links to national resources on health and academic achievement, the importance of health education, ways to foster school connectedness, and Youth Risk Behavior Survey data are also provided.

Additional Free Resources

The following free resources are made available exclusively to our HealthSmart customers.