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Increasing Diversity in STEM: Free Tip Sheets Can Boost Your Success

Increasing Diversity in STEM: Free Tip Sheets Can Boost Your Success

By ETR | August 17, 2016

One of ETR’s areas of focus is Diversity in IT. Our team is nationally known for its work in research, evaluation and promoting strategies to increase diversity in STEM fields. They’ve done original research, developed and tested programs and learning approaches, and built partnerships that boost pathways from school to college to the workforce.


The team has also developed three tip sheets that can help boost the efficacy of school- and community-based programs with youth. See them all on this page, or go to the individual pages below.

How to Teach and Support Pair Programming in Your Middle and High School Classroom

Pair programming is when two people work on a computer together, each with a different role. One is the “Driver” who controls the mouse and keyboard and one is the “Navigator” who helps direct the driver. They complete programming tasks together, rotating roles regularly.

Download this tip sheet (PDF).

How to Run a Successful Near Peer Program

Near peers are slightly older students who act as role models and assistants for younger students. They have a similar background, culture, and/or school experience and are viewed as having achieved some success. They are not always experts – their value lies in being slightly more advanced, having recently experienced and overcome challenges similar to those facing the younger students, and the ability to build relationships with the younger students.

Download this tip sheet (PDF).

Getting (and Keeping) Girls Involved in Computer Science

How do you design, run and support a voluntary, out-of-school time computer science class or workshop that will engage K-12 girls? Here are some tips on how you can get girls excited to learn computing!

Download this tip sheet (PDF).

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