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What Is "Scaffolding" In Adolescent Relationships?

What Is "Scaffolding" In Adolescent Relationships?

By ETR | November 29, 2018

We had an outstanding Kirby Summit IV this fall. This invitational gathering brings together experts from around the country who know a great deal about emerging issues in adolescent health. The Kirby IV summiteers focused on scaffolding for adolescent relationships.

If you're not quite sure what that is, you'll want to watch this lively 3-minute video from ETR Senior Research Associate Pamela Anderson.

One of the vital missions of the Kirby Summit is dissemination. We want to get up-to-date science-based information into the hands of the educators, providers, researchers and policy people who will put it to best use. Thank you, Dr. Anderson, for contributing to the mission!

Let's all join in the effort to build stronger scaffolding for young people's relationships—a powerful step that will help them live healthier, more fulfilling lives. 


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