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Video Picks - Women & Tech, Vaping & Health

Video Picks - Women & Tech, Vaping & Health

By ETR | December 15, 2014

Check out a couple of our favorites from the videos that have crossed our screens recently. The first inspires us to boost leadership roles for women in technology. The second gives us the true scoop about e-cigarettes and health.

Well worth watching!

A Future Worth Imagining

The Global Fund for Women has put together a stunning and emotional video about what it will mean for the world when girls and women are able to take equal leadership roles in technology and innovation. This is what their IGNITE program is all about. We at ETR are big fans of boosting diversity in tech, and we think this is a great “top pick” video!

Vaping Science

The Risk Science Center at University of Michigan has produced a fine review of what we currently know about e-cigarettes and health. Lively and easy to watch, with a good, sound science base. Get informed!

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