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Video Picks - August 2014

Video Picks - August 2014

By ETR | August 20, 2014

Take a look at some of the videos we've watched and liked this month. Can video games make you smarter? How can you show unconditional love? And don't you want to know more about ETR's award-winning pamphlet "Birth Control Facts"?


Can Video Games Make You Smarter? 

We like AsapSCIENCE and the lively way they explain some of the benefits of (moderate amounts of) video gaming—using video demonstrations!

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UNICEF #ShowYourLove: Unconditional Support for People with HIV

Sweet, moving, inspiring. Go ahead and feel the love. This is a great model for students making their own videos to address any area of discrimination. #ZeroDiscrimination.

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Shameless Plug: Get Your Facts Here!

Suzanne Schrag, an editor at ETR, offers 1 quick minute of reasons people choose ETR’s award-winning pamphlet, Birth Control Facts. 

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