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Video Picks - June 2014

Video Picks - June 2014

June 24, 2014

Sit back, kick up your feet and take a look at a few of our favorites among the videos that have run across our monitors this month.

Better Academic Performance Through Physical Education

In this 2011 video, PBS looks at a high school that uses fitness-based PE to raise heart rates, build cardiovascular fitness, improve learning and support better school performance. Let’s all take a brisk walk and bring up those test scores! Watch. >>

More About the Culture of Vaping

The New York Times takes us into the world of people who love vaping, and also shows us how unregulated the production of nicotine liquids is. Illuminating and a little scary. Watch. >>

Social Media Is Here to Stay

In the grand scheme of things, just how important is social media? Really, really important. Eric Qualman has produced a series of videos about its powerful and ever-increasing presence. Not a fad — a reality.

Here’s the 2013 edition (#4 in his series). >>

We also really like the 2011 version, which offers some different types of stats and great music! >>

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