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Video Picks - April 2014

Video Picks - April 2014

By ETR | April 22, 2014

We like the ways videos and media help us see the world differently and think in new ways. Take a look at our favorite videos of the month. Los Angeles County Metro buses give health a chance. Bolthouse Farms offers an interactive musical website that makes healthy food simply glorious. And a guy known as "Menstrual Man" empowers women in rural India to change their lives. Watch and have fun.


Let’s Ride the Bus and Learn About Health

Los Angeles County Metro buses are showing a series of health-related videos on board. Read about it here, and then watch some of the delightful films. We especially like This is Your Heartwhich presents good advice about heart health with charm and humor. If you’ve never seen an evil hamburger, this is your chance!

Play with Your Food!

OK. We dare you to check out this interactive website from healthy food distributor Bolthouse Farms and not end up spending at least several minutes lost in the fun. The lively home screen gives a running tally of social media mentions of popular food items that fall on the “healthy” or “not so much” side of the spectrum—it’s probably no big surprise that donuts get way more mentions than Brussels sprouts. Click on a photo and play with sounds, sights, textures and more. Our favorites include beets and the relaxing melon meditation. Which do you like? View, play, tweet! >>

Revolutionizing the Menstrual Period

Arunachalam Muruganantham, known in India as the “Menstrual Man,” takes an out-of-the-box approach to empowering women in rural parts of the country. He’s a high-school dropout from a poor family who figured out a way for women to make their own cheap, sanitary menstrual products, improve their health and participate more equally in society. Scroll down to the bottom of the web page to see a trailer of a documentary about his work. Watch >>

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