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Video Picks - March 2014

Video Picks - March 2014

By ETR | March 20, 2014

Take a look at some of our favorites among the videos and media that have crossed our desks this month. Bedsider offers some wonderful new videos that can help people get over their awkwardness and bring up the subject of contraception. Very funny. A video from amfAR provides a compelling rationale for needle exchange. And a powerful infographic gives us disturbing numbers about children's consumption of sugary treats. Watch!


Bedsider Makes Us Laugh

Bedsider’s excellent new PSAs are ready to help us get over the awkwardness of conversations about sex and contraception. Check out “Awkward Boyfriend” (“Marty—stop it!”), “Grandma” and “Talk.” Definitely watch.

Reasons to Fund Needle Exchange

This video from amfAR takes us through the rationale for supporting federal funding of needle exchange, with reasons that are logical, financially sound and staggeringly human. Real ways to prevent HIV. Watch. >>

This Month's "Wow" Infographic

American children get a whole lot of sugary treats, promoted to them through a whole lot of media ads. Want to know the numbers? Check out this infographic and find out who’s eating 34 teaspoons of sugar every day. View. >>


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