Video Picks - March 2014/School

Video Picks - March 2014/School

By ETR | March 7, 2014

Watch a couple of the videos that have gotten us thinking this month. Egg Studios offers us a handy, humorous take on the teen brain upgrade, including the exciting new features of the latest version. The Fine Brothers give us an insightful look at what teens really think about Smartphones.


Teen Brain Upgrade

Watch this helpful and humorous video tutorial with instructions for getting the most out of the “teen brain upgrade.” It reviews the exciting new features that come with the upgrade to adolescence (“more processing power, better connectivity, improved speed and stability”) and offers helpful tips and suggestions (“removing the brain from its original container may void the license agreement”). Excellent viewing for young people going through the upgrade, as well as those who live or work with them. Watch. >>


What Teens Really Think About Smartphones

Do smartphones interfere with meaningful human connection? Make you miss experiencing your life because you’re busy videotaping it? Distract you from reality because you’re taking selfies? What do teens think about the lives of earlier generations who grew up without smartphones? Intriguing answers from teens, and darn fun too. Watch. >>



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