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Three Ways to Supercharge Your HealthSmart Lessons

Three Ways to Supercharge Your HealthSmart Lessons

By ETR | February 13, 2019

Here at ETR, we’re very proud of HealthSmart. This signature health education curriculum is a dynamic, exciting program for educators and students alike. HealthSmart supports the National Health Education Standards, National Sexuality Education Standards and Common Core State Standards. The lesson objectives and assessments are based on knowledge and skill expectations outlined in the Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT).

National health education expert Dr. Susan Telljohann is one of the developers of HealthSmart. She’s trained health educators all across the country. In this video, she shares three tips that can help educators supercharge their classroom lessons.

Her suggestions include a couple of tips she’s learned from teachers who are working with students and the HealthSmart curriculum every day. Take a look and get some new ideas for your own classrooms.


Thanks, Dr. Telljohann, for always continuing to support educators and elevate the field.

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