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Three Ways to Rock a Recruitment Pitch for a Study

Three Ways to Rock a Recruitment Pitch for a Study

By ETR | January 8, 2019

ETR has a nationally recognized Research Department. Our multidisciplinary research team engages in research addressing a wide range of educational and public health issues.

One of the challenges in research is recruiting participants for studies. In work we did recently, our research assistants went to college classrooms. They delivered a five-minute “pitch” inviting students to participate in an online survey about their learning experiences.

In the video below, research assistant Katie Spencer goes over three best-practice steps for delivering an effective recruitment pitch. The steps are:

  1. Be a human.
  2. Emphasize the benefits for participants.
  3. Be clear about what the researchers will do with the data collected, and how privacy will be protected.

Katie offers a much more nuanced and memorable take on these three steps. If you’re engaged in any kind of research, we hope you will take a look at her video.


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