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The Women Deliver Conference is Coming & YTH Initiative Will Be There, Delivering!

The Women Deliver Conference is Coming & YTH Initiative Will Be There, Delivering!

By ETR | May 31, 2019

We are all members of a global society. We are excited that ETR’s recent merger with YTH brings a deeper and more experienced global perspective to our organization’s work. YTH has a long history of international work with youth communities. The YTH Initiative presence at the upcoming Women Deliver conference demonstrates this beautifully.

Women Deliver 2019 is the world’s largest conference on gender equality and health, rights and wellbeing of girls and women. It takes place June 3-6 in Vancouver. If you can’t make it to Vancouver on short notice, you can still participate and learn through the virtual conference, which will be streaming plenaries and select sessions.

Kicking-Off the Youth Pre-Conference: YTH Initiative Fires Up Status Updates on ZonaSegura

On Monday morning, Emma Schlamm of the YTH Initiative will be presenting ZonaSegura at the "Flood My Feed: Tweets, Posts, and 'Grams with the Power to Transform the World" pre-conference youth session. ZonaSegura is a trauma-informed youth-centered innovative research study and mobile solution to address teen dating violence in Honduras. It’s expected to launch this summer. Learn more about this innovative program here.

Emma will join with representatives of other youth-focused programs to offer rapid-fire presentations of projects in the form of “status updates.” The presenters’ goal is to entertain, energize, inform and inspire youth delegates and their adult allies. After each presenter’s two-minute presentation, audience members will clap if they “like” the status update, and stand if they “retweet” or “regram” the status update.

Good luck, Emma! We’ll be watching for your status updates!

Flash Workshop: Youth-Centered Design

Youth-centered design is a hallmark of the work of the YTH Initiative. On Tuesday morning, Bhupendra Sheoran, ETR’s VP of Global Development, and Laiah Idelson, Strategic Partnerships & Innovations Lead, will be facilitating a workshop in the Youth Lounge that supports the work of two Women Deliver youth leaders. 

Both women are leaders of their own initiatives working to advance the health and rights of women in their home countries. Alaa Al-Eryani is from Empowered Women in Yemen, and Arielle Nobime is from TogeTherE (WE) in Senegal. In this interactive workshop, participants will use the youth-centered design process to come up with creative solutions to challenges each of these entrepreneurs is facing.

In Yemen, Alaa is seeking to uncover how to reach vulnerable women and girls with critical information on relationships and gender-based violence through innovative, safe, private and anonymous means, while acknowledging there are no laws to protect women from abusive behaviors of their partners. Arielle is eager to address the needs of the growing population of homeless women and girls in Senegal, especially in light of the current lack of existing services for this community.

Watch for Our Team

If you’re attending the conference, please watch for our team members. CEO Vignetta Charles will be joining Emma, Laiah and Sheoran. They are all excited to connect with anyone interested in learning more about the YTH Initiative, ETR, and our plans to expand and replicate successful programs to a broader global audience.

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