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1. Developmental Neuroscience & Adolescent Sexual Health: Emotion

By Stephanie Guinosso, PhD, MPH | December 12, 2017
Senior Research Associate, ETR

Dr. Douglas B. Kirby was an extraordinary man. His lifetime contributions to adolescent sexual and reproductive health transformed the field, both in research and in practice. In February 2016, ETR hosted the inaugural Kirby Summit in honor of Dr. Kirby. We continued our exciting conversation at our second convening in May, 2017.

Tags: Developmental relationships, Developmental neuroscience, Sexual and reproductive health, Adolescent health, Kirby summit

2. Bringing Developmental Relationships Home: Tips and Relationship Builders

Every family can strengthen developmental relationships. This booklet offers everyday ideas and activities parenting adults can use to build developmental relationships in their families. Available on the Search Institute's Don't Forget the Families page.

Tags: Developmental relationships
By Search Institute (2015)

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