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Global-Local Health: ETR's Bhupendra Sheoran Takes on TEDx

Global-Local Health: ETR's Bhupendra Sheoran Takes on TEDx

By ETR | July 23, 2019
Director, Professional Learning Systems, ETR

Bhupendra Sheoran jumped into the health-tech arena early. Not to build ways for health care systems keep to keep better track of medical records or billing. Not to build programs that persuade health care providers to use iPads during patient visits. Rather, to build ways to support transformation and empowerment in communities, both locally and globally.

We are delighted that Sheoran was invited to speak at the recent TEDxSantaClaraUniversity event. Good choice, TEDx!


Take 10 minutes and watch Sheoran spin his magic. In terms of technology, “the script has flipped,” he tells us. Where once, all of the tech innovation seemed to emerge from the U.S., today great tech innovation is happening all over the world. Other countries are using tech in highly creative ways, putting tech for good to work locally, and helping to change dynamics across the globe.

Bhupendra Sheoran is VP of Global Development & Managing Director at ETR. He can be reached at

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