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ETR's Statement in Support of Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities

ETR's Statement in Support of Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities

By ETR Leadership Team | March 17, 2021

As an agency committed to advancing equity, ETR is speaking out against the increase in hate crimes targeting Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). While these recent attacks have drawn national attention, inflammatory rhetoric and disparaging or violent acts against these communities are, unfortunately, nothing new. This surge is the latest in a long and often overlooked history of racist acts inflicted on AAPI individuals, families, and businesses—ranging from subtle, pervasive microaggressions to overt verbal and physical attacks.  

People of all backgrounds have a role to play in reducing stigma, fighting intolerance, and creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for our AAPI communities. There is a lot of work to be done to address the deeply rooted racism and systemic inequalities that exist in our country.   

ETR is here to do our part in bringing about true, meaningful, sustainable change. We will continue to speak out in support of communities of color, health equity, and racial justice. We are prepared to be an active, engaged partner in creating a culture that mirrors our mission, vision, and values.  




-- ETR Leadership Team 


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