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Partnering Up: ETR + Select Media = Great Opportunities!

Partnering Up: ETR + Select Media = Great Opportunities!

By Dan McCormick, MHA | August 3, 2015
Chief Executive Officer, ETR

This has been an exciting few days for ETR as an organization. We’ve officially teamed up with Select Media to become one organization. We’re looking forward to putting the resources of both organizations to work promoting healthy behaviors in communities across the nation.

Select Media has been a publisher and distributor of a number of the evidence-based programs on the list provided by the Office of Adolescent Health. Now, all of these resources will be available through ETR’s online store, along with the evidence-based programs ETR has been developing and distributing for more than three decades.


This is an invigorating style of partnership—one that will give us opportunities to create broader and more innovative programs, products and services for the future. That’s essential in our rapidly changing world, which demands the ability to effectively address both established and emerging needs.

Beth Wachter, the Founder and President of Select Media, has said, “ETR has the leadership, experience and infrastructure in place to extend the reach in ways we could not do on our own, and, frankly, that’s exciting. There is an urgency to educate high-risk youth with the critical skills they need to lead healthier lives. Teaming up with ETR will help achieve this goal.”

As you can imagine, quite a lot of work has gone into this process over a period of many months. I’m proud of the efforts within both organizations that brought us to this successful moment. I look forward to sharing more of our new directions with you in future posts.


Dan McCormick is CEO of ETR. You can contact him at, or find him on LinkedIn.


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