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Hello Denver! Get Real Regional Training Coming Up

Hello Denver! Get Real Regional Training Coming Up

By ETR | May 22, 2015

Our partners at Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts (PPLM) will be holding a regional Training of the Educator for the Get Real Middle School curriculum in Denver, Colorado. The two-day training is scheduled for July 31-August 1.

Putting Evidence Into Practice

Get Real was produced by PPLM and published by ETR. The evidence-based program focuses on social and emotional skills as a key to healthy relationships and responsible choices. The middle school program has been shown to delay sex and reduce risky sexual behavior for both boys and girls.

The training includes an online, self-paced course completed before the in-person event. Participants will then engage in two days of rigorous, interactive and uplifting learning with colleagues and facilitators. Upon completion, participants will have mastered the advanced skills needed to teach Get Real with both comfort and fidelity.

Do We Have a Match?

Here at ETR, we’re big believers in the power of educator training to improve the impact of evidence-based programs. If Get Real sounds like a good match for your school or community, this training will be a good match for your educators, too.

Check the Get Real Regional Training website for more information, or contact John Henry Ledwith, ETR National Sales Manager, at 831-440-2204.

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