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“Birth Control Methods” – A New Format for Learning

“Birth Control Methods” – A New Format for Learning

By ETR | January 30, 2015

There are lots of birth control options. There’s a lot of information about each method, some of it pretty nuanced. There’s no one method that’s right for everyone.


We know this can be confusing, intimidating even, for anyone trying to make a good choice. So how do we get accurate information out there to more people?

Figuring It Out

A group of ETR’s teen pregnancy prevention experts—researchers, trainers, health educators—got together to talk about ways to effectively communicate essential information about birth control. We shared some of the things we’d heard from frontline providers in the field, from classroom teachers, from our own teens.

With the help of that wisdom, we’ve developed Birth Control Methods: A Quick Guide. This new guide presents information about the most popular birth control options, especially among teens and young adults. Each spiral-bound card provides information that’s clear and uncluttered, attractive and accessible.

We suggest some questions to consider when approaching the options:

  • Is the method easy to use?
  • How does my partner feel about birth control?
  • How do I feel about touching my body?
  • Do I need a method that protects me from HIV/STD?

Each card lists “perfect use” and “typical use” effectiveness rates, discusses strong and weak points and explains possible health concerns.

There’s up-to-date information about LARCs (long-acting reversible contraceptives) and emergency contraception.

Another Helpful Format

This new booklet provides another helpful format—a great visual aid to use to explain and compare birth control options. It will be useful in health care settings, school health clinics, health education classes and health fairs. If you work in health care or education and provide information about birth control to your clients or patients, we hope you’ll take a look at this title.

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